Monday, 4 January 2010

tea party cupcakes - helens birthday treat table


The Cupcakes

ice-cream cone cupcakes; vanilla cake baked in a flat-bottomed cone, edged with chocolate and sprinkles, topped with vanilla buttercream and wafers

hi-hat cupcakes; chocolate cupcakes topped with sky-high meringue frosting dipped in chocolate, topped off with a mini-windmill-whizzer

coconut cream pie cupcakes; vanilla cupcakes filled with coconut rum spike patisserie cream, topped with coconut rum spiked buttercream and toasted coconut...and a cocktail umbrella, of course

chocolate raspberry cupcakes; chocolate cupcakes filled with fresh raspberry compote, topped with chocolate-raspberry buttercream and fondant flowers

The Cake

Double layer vanilla cake filled with chocolate-raspberry buttercream, covered with vanilla buttercream.  Topped with a pouring of dark chocolate, coconut rum spiked buttercream swirls and fondant cherries.


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Anonymous said...

Hurrah for birthday tea party! Picutres look lovely, I can almost taste the coconut cream pie cupcakes.
Thank you again for doing such a marvellous job and making it such a great day!