Tuesday, 28 April 2009

lemon meringue pie cupcakes. word.

since the purchase of two exceptionally expensive for their size (4") tart rings I have been going tart crazy! rhubarb & custard tart with pistachio crumble, cherry tarts with ginger nut streusel and dark chocolate lemon tarts to name but three. mmmmm and hmmmmm! the last tart I made was a challenge set by a friend, whose mother apparently makes a mean lemon meringue pie, and so I stepped up! i bought jim fobel's book aeons ago and until now have only taken it down to read and sigh at, but I knew that this little puppy would be my go to book for a decent pie recipe. mainly because i judge books by their cover and have not been proved wrong here. the filling is totally delicious, not too sweet not too tart and his basic pastry is scrummy, just flaky enough. i made four mini pies for lunch dessert, and with the left over lemon filling I just had to make cupcakes of course! i used the basic magnolia vanilla cupcake recipe, removing a cone of cake once baked. I filled the hole with the yummy lemonyness and popped the trimmed cone lid back on. I then made up the meringue mix, and using a star tipped piping bag did some fancy meringue swirls on top of the cupcakes. I find that if you do a 'base' of icing swirl, then another on top of the you get a more even cover. then you just have to pop the cupcakes back in the oven for a few minutes to bake the meringue and you are done....though I did get fancy and used my kitchen blowtorch to add some deeper colour to the meringue for schmanciness! OH and LOOK I have a website! most exciting. so far it consists of but one page, but I have more on the way, perhaps even 2 or 3 pages! essentially I needed to get my act together and this is phase 2 (phase 1 was business cards from moo, i love moo). so I am getting together all my treats and delights to pop up on the site for perspective perusals and purchases (I hope!)

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