Thursday, 30 October 2008

the merchant market or a work based bake off!

a market was announced at work, so I thought a nice wee cake stall of delights and delectations would go down well...and so it did! I spent 1 1/2 days baking, which I loved loved loved! hah, so much better than sitting at a computer all day...I was surrounded by yummy smells and ingredients, listening to plays on radio four in my kitchen all day...knackering but brilliant!
I made a variety of treats for sale; coffee & doughnut cupcakes, boston cream pie & coconut cream pie cupcakes, iced sugar cookies, flaked almond cookies, gluten free spiced shortbread, orange butter biscuits and dark chocolate ginger cookies, chocolate macaroons....and....rocky road!
I also started promoting my Christmas Treat Boxes, which I hope to get some orders for - everyone likes a nice home baked cookie at crimble time don't they? Hope so!
The recipes will be forthcoming...

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